Short Travel Visa

If you are looking to travel to Australia for a brief holiday or recreational purposes or wishing to visit family and friends in Australia the appropriate Visa is likely the tourist/or travel Visa. Holders of this Visa can travel to Australia for non-work-related purposes Eligibility for this Visa requires a genuine intention and desire to visit Australia for recreational or tourist purposes such as travelling around the country or visiting family and friends Applications for this Visa may be made from outside and may apply for extension from inside Australia. Applications lodged whilst in Australia require you to still be in Australia at the time the decision is made on your application by the Department of immigration and citizenship.

Lodgment of an application from outside Australia likewise requires you to be outside the country at the time the decision regarding your application is made. In order to meet the eligibility requirements of this Visa you must:-

  • Satisfy Australia’s health and character requirements
  • Have sufficient funds to support your stay – proof of this may be required upon your entry.
  • Have no intention to seek employment during your stay.
  • Have an intention to return back to your home country prior to the expiry of your Visa and have incentives or compelling reasons to return to your country

Family members may include children up to the age of 18 years in their application for a tourist visa