Quebec Certificate of Selection (Certificate de Selection du Quebec)

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Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ)

The Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) is a document issued by Quebec Immigration authorities (Immigration et Communautés culturelles) indicating that the person designated on the certificate has been selected to reside within the territory of the Province of Quebec. The CSQ is not a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa and cannot be utilized for entry into Canada.

Reception of the Quebec Certificate of Selection Application

The Ministère de l’Immigration et Communautés Culturelles (MICC) verifies if the prospective immigrant can file an application for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ – Certificat de selection du Quebec) in accordance with the rules, if all required documents are included in your application and if it is eligible for priority processing. An application is eligible for priority processing if:

  • Either you or your spouse have received a job offer from an employer in Quebec and it meets the validation conditions of the MICC, or
  • Either you or your spouse hold a diploma from a teaching institution in an area of training that allows you to get 12 or 16 points under the training criterion of the selection grid for skilled workers. The number of years of studying required to obtain your diploma must at least be equal to the number of years required to obtain the same diploma in Quebec and the diploma must have been awarded in the last five years. Otherwise, you must have worked, on a full time basis, in a profession directly related to the diploma for at least one year during the last five years.

An acknowledgment of receipt is sent to you in order to confirm reception of a complete Quebec Certificate of Selection (Certificat de Selection du Quebec) application and will indicate if your application will be prioritized. The file will be returned to you if your application cannot be considered.

Examination of the Quebec Selection Certificate Application

The Certificate of Selection of Quebec application is examined in accordance with regulations. One of three decisions is made once the Quebec Selection Certificate application has been assessed:

  • Selection based on the file: Sometimes, an interview is not necessary and the application is processed only on the basis of the applicant’s file. If you have obtained the general passing scores of the selection grid, then the interview might not be required. In this case, you will receive a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de selection du Quebec – CSQ) in the mail as well as information about the province of Quebec. You will be notified of the next steps in your process of immigration.
  • Notice of intent to refuse the application: You will receive a letter that will inform you that your application will be refused unless you can provide documented proof to justify reviewing the decision within 60 days. If the proof is received within this timeframe, your application will continue to be reviewed. Otherwise, your application will be refused without further notice. You will then have the possibility to submit a request for an administrative review.
  • Notice to attend an interview: If the initial review of your application is positive, you will then be invited to a selection interview. This notice will specify the date, time and place of the interview and the list of documents that you will have to bring to the interview.

During the interview, the immigration counsellor will review the information that is provided in the application for a Quebec Selection Certificate. The counsellor will also ask questions in order to assess the viability of your immigration plans. This evaluation will primarily focus on your knowledge of the province of Quebec and the steps you have taken as well as your personal suitability in regards to your professional activities.

Quebec Selection Certificate Interview Process

During the selection interview, it is a good time to talk about your immigration plan with the counsellor and to ask any questions about the selection process.

Three results are possible following the interview:

  • Approval: If the assessment is positive, then the immigration counsellor will inform you of the next steps to follow. The counsellor may also immediately issue the Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de selection du Quebec – CSQ) if possible. Otherwise, the certificate will be mailed to you.
  • Refusal: An explanatory letter is given to you if the assessment shows that you do not meet the selection criteria. You may then submit a request for an administrative review.
  • Notice of intent to refuse the application: The counsellor will give you an explanatory notice of intent to refuse the application if supporting documentation is missing from your Quebec Certificate Selection application. You will have 60 days to provide the requested proof. If the necessary proof is not provided within this timeframe, your application will be refused without further notice. You may then submit a request for an administrative review.

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