Quebec Acceptance Certificate or Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ)

Anyone undertaking a course or program of study of more than six months in the province of Quebec must be authorized to do so by Immigration Quebec. This authorization is given in the form of a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) which is issued for the level of study and duration of time, e.g. three years for a Bachelor or Ph.D. program, two years for a Master’s program.

Students, who require more time to complete their studies while they are in Canada, must apply for an extension before their CAQ expires. However, you must be attending school and continue to meet the conditions of Immigration Quebec.

Exceptions: Recognized refugees, students enrolled in a program or course lasting six months or less, Commonwealth Fellows, students who have Diplomatic status or international officials living in Quebec are not required to obtain a CAQ. Students who are exempted from obtaining a CAQ may still be required to obtain a Study Permit and must still present the appropriate documentation (Study Permit, Passport, Diplomatic Visa, etc.).
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