Employer Nomination Scheme 186 Visa

Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme


The Employer Nomination Scheme or ENS is open for businesses that are actively and lawfully operating anywhere in Australia. In this working visa, an employer may sponsor an employee to work in the business. The employee is then able to stay permanently in Australia with this visa.

For applicants outside Australia, a prior visa is not required to apply for this visa.

For applicants in Australia, a current and qualifying visa is required to be able to apply for this visa.

There are three streams under the ENS visa application: Temporary Residence Transition Stream, Direct Entry Stream and Agreement Stream.

Eligibility Criteria
For Sponsors:
  • Business must be actively and lawfully operating in Australia.
  • You must have a genuine need to fill a skilled position.
  • The employment offer is on a full-time basis and for at least two years.
  • The employee will be paid at market salary rate.
  • Your business has complied with Australian immigration and workplace relations laws.
  • Your business or any person associated with your business has no adverse information.
For Applicants:
  •  You must be nominated by an approved Australian employer.
  •  You must be under the age of 50. However, exemptions may apply in some circumstances.
  •  You have the required skills, qualifications, and/or licences or registrations to fulfil the position.
  •  You are exempted from the English level requirement if you are a passport holder of the following countries: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand or Republic of Ireland.
  • You must pass the health examination.
  • You must be of good character.
  • Temporary Residence Transition
  • You have been working for the sponsor for at least two years before the nomination is made as a holder of Subclass 457 — Temporary Work (Skilled).
  • You are nominated to an occupation listed on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List.
  • You have a score of at least 5 on each components of IELTS or at least ‘B’ on each components of OET.
  • Direct Entry
  • You must be nominated by an approved Australian employer.
  • You have never or only worked in Australia for less than two years.
  • You have a score of at least 6 on each components of IELTS or at least ‘B’ on each components of OET.
  • You have at least three years of relevant work experience.
  • You have a positive skill assessment in your nominated occupation.
  • Agreement Stream
  • You are being sponsored by an employer through a labour agreement. You must meet the age, skills and English requirements negotiated in the agreement.

In conclusion, you may include your partner and children when applying for this visa. This visa will allow you and your family to travel and from Australia for five (5) years from the grant of visa.